Ava Bogle's Mission to Sexually Empower Women
Several years ago, award-winning filmmaker 
a non-judgmental, flirty romp that encourages self-love and sexual self-care.

The world is ending and humanity is doomed. President Pussygrabber and Supreme Leader Lil Kim have come to blows and nuclear annihilation is nigh. Bogle plays five sex-positive aliens living amongst us as human women. Regaling us with their delightful discoveries of the female anatomy, they pose the very serious question: Can the clitoris save humanity? "The answer is in the ‘climax’ of the show." (Glam Adelaide)

Described at the Hollywood Fringe Festival as "the love child of The Vagina Monologues and Mars Attacks!" The Pleasure Project is a hilarious, irreverent and internationally acclaimed one-woman show that seeks to empower women all over the world to take ownership of their orgasm.