In this hilarious, irreverent and sexy one-woman show, written & performed by Ava Bogle, five aliens preparing to leave earth in light of an impending nuclear war pose the question:

Can the clitoris save humanity?

What people are saying
"Funny, engaging, informative and empowering," - Micaela Brinsley, 
Ms. Magazine

“Ava Bogle takes us on a journey that is at turns funny, sexy, irreverent, educational and inspiring.” – Valerie Dillman, Hollywood Fringe 2017

“There is a purity to her ode to the vulva that is wonderful to behold."
- Steve Fife, Better Lemons

"Ava Bogle is a triumph. If the world ever comes to an end, I hope this show, and Bogle's unique voice, carry the human race through it." – Dylan Saunders, Hollywood Fringe 2017

Lively and campy and a fun time all around.” – Tracey Paleo,
Gia on the Move
"Enjoyable throughout...clever one-woman show about sexuality." -  Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive
“Ava Bogle is a comedic chameleon… fun, creative & not to be missed!” - @LAThtrCritiq